Trinidad is a colonial town in the central part of Cuba, on the Southern coast

In the evenings, local bars beat to the sound of Trinidad’s excellent live music scene, where the food is as good as the tunes.

After strolling every lane and square, head out of town to enjoy Trinidad’s excellent location. Take a day trip to the nearby Escambray Mountains for a hike to an idyllic waterfall, or simply laze on the white sands of Playa Ancón.

At first glance Cuba’s Trinidad looks like just another tourist drawcard. Thousands flock to the cobbled laneways to enjoy colourful architecture built on the fortunes of the local sugar industry, and snap photos of weathered donkeys and melodic troubadours.

But, scratch just below the surface and a surprisingly local Cuba exists beside the vibrant tourist squares.

In the afternoon, stroll along the backstreets and find ancient Cuban faces engaged in high-stakes dominoes. Strike up a disjointed conversation with a family sitting on a stoop while their kids polish freshly re-conditioned engines – their handiwork lined up ready for sale.