I identify with nature the most.

For me it is the faith in a creator,

it is a breath.

Wedding & PORTRAIT Photographer

I'm Paula, the person behind the lens

I am an emotional type.

I am interested in emotions.

These two sentences perfectly reflect my soul.

Sometimes I think to myself that I am a great

example of a combination of many adversities.
Incorrect, down-to-earth romantic, who likes spontaneity but well organized.

With the eternal need to surround myself with people, but a loner.

Sometimes I say little, but then I focus on observing.

I'm a zodiac cancer, so vulnerability is my specialty.

I get freshness from my travels. I love visiting new places, getting to know foreign cultures, and tasting new things. I always have the camera with me in the most picturesque places.

Apart from photography, nature and travels, I am interested in art.

I draw inspiration from it.

Music, cinema, museums, galleries, concerts-all these provide me with new perception of emotions

And all these passions have one thing in common. Emotion.

As I mentioned, I am the emotional type, and I feel a lot of sensitivity in all of these aspects. A gust of wind can cause chills on the skin, reaching the top of the mountain may shed a tear of happiness,

running in the forest will make your heart beat faster.

I never thought that I would become a photographer, but life has verified it. I have had the camera in my hand since I was a child. Initially documenting family meetings, then school trips and events. After that I started taking pictures of food and various kinds of still life to discover the secrets of photography.

Today I love to take natural, unforced photos with emotions, movement and truth. I identify with nature the most. For me it is the faith in a creator, it is a breath.

I love to go out to the forest or stand in front of the sea and just breathe. I draw energy for life from nature.

From my love to nature, the passion for traveling was born.


and subtle


is a concept that needs no comment.

My Approach

My work is an expression of what I am feel the most: sensitive, delicate, simplicity and human beauty. I see love in everything and in everyone.

Do you feel the same way?



All relationships are based on trust & common values